Liquid level monitoring in tanks

MoniTech provides fully-customizable solutions for the real-time monitoring of level and properties of liquids contained in tanks.
These systems have absolutely no limitations with regards to the material or to the shape of the tanks. In fact, it is possible to employ flexible probes that can be adapted to any irregular shaper of the container.
These monitoring systems, which can be fully automated, have also no limitations with regards to the height of the containers (which can be tens of meters high).

liquid level monitoring

The probes of this monitoring system can be employed either inside or outside of the tanks. Therefore, the system can be employed also in those cases in which the liquid is hazardeous or for liquids that should not be contaminated.
A proprietary software, specifically developed for this application, provides in real time the liquid level.

Customized system for monitoring agro-indutrial processes

Control for anti-adulteration of edible oils
MoniTech has developed a measurement system, based on dielectric spectroscopy, for the real-time analysis of qualitative characteristics of edible oils. In particular, the developed system can individuate the presence of adulterants. After a preliminary calibration of the system, the analysis is performed in real time and does not require the oil sample to undergo any treatment (differently from titration). The procedure can be automated and can be employed directly on site, both for little and large volumes of oil.

Moisture content measurement of stored agrofood materials
Monitoring mositure content of agrofood material during storage is of pivotal importance. In fact, a high water content may favour the growth of microorganisms, thus compromising the quality of the product.
MoniTech provides solutions for the real-time monitoring of moisture content of stored agrofood materials. Thanks to the continuous control, it is possible to timely verify that the optimal storage conditions are met and that the product is well preserved.

Moisture content measurements

MoniTech realizes systems for the real-time monitoring of moisture content of materials. These monitoring systems are fully customizable according to the specific application. Also, they can be implemented in production lines and can be adapted to pre-existing conditions of the plant.
These monitoring solutions can be either portable (to be used, for example, for measuring moisture content in different points, distant from one another) or fixed.

MoniTech provides system for monitoring in real time the moisture content of agrofood granular materials (such as coffee, flour, etc.) during their storage. In fact, an excessive amount of moisture during storage has a profound effect on the growth of microorganisms.

MoniTech also provides systems for monitoring moisture content in
• the dehydration process of vegetable materials;
• soil;
• inert materials.